All the animals I make are lovingly hand knit using high quality wool, wool blends and cotton yarns. Their faces are embroidered and they are stuffed with polyester fiberfill. Some have safety eyes or tiny buttons and because of their handmade nature, may not be suitable for very young children. If you see an animal you like, please email me with the animal’s name, your name and address and I’ll email you an invoice. Shipping costs vary, but average around $5.

All the animals are one of a kind and each develops its own personality as it is knit. Still, let me know if there’s an animal you like that was sold (including animals in the Archived Tab), because I might have more inventory or plans and yarn to make another just like him or her.

Bunnies: The regular sized bunnies are approximately 9″ tall from feet to the top of the ears and the small rabbits are 7″ tall and can stand with support, unless it’s noted that they prefer sitting. The bunnies and outfits are based on patterns by Little Cotton Rabbits.

Two little bunnies in red

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 12.54.18 PM

Christian, the 7″ Rabbit SOLD

This is a 7″ rabbit knit in 100% wool.  His tree sweater and scarf are 100% merino wool and shorts are cotton/linen.  If desired, the cardinal sweater is available instead.  It is made with 100% cotton (cardinal is merino wool).  Christian is $45. SOLD (summer outfits available, but only if you see this bunny as a girl, as there is one sundress and one pinafore dress).  Additional outfit for 7″ bunny would be $10.

Two soft and serious little bunnies 

Breanna is knit in 100% wool and her clothes are cotton. She holds a removable book (that is blank at the moment!). She is $55. Petal’s body and clothes are knit in merino wool. She is also $55.

LUNA and Zoe at Bedtime

Elle, Bianca and Fiona

Elle bunny is knit in wool and mohair, making this a super soft bunny.  The sweater is fair isle patterning and there’s a satchel for holding things.  Bianca is knit in 100% wool and her brocade dress is cotton.  She has a cotton purse, a bow and a little blush on her cheeks (Bianca is sold).  Fiona is knit in merino and mohair.  She has a soft wool coat, cotton dress and cabled purse.  Each bunny is $58.

Sandi and Rosie

Nigel the handsome Rabbit

Two tone grey rabbit knit with merino wool and cotton shorts. He is quite the stylish bunny. He is $50.

ARIYA, the sand colored bunny

Two Lopi Rabbits  SOLD

Shelly is a 10″ bunny and Sammy is a 7.5″ small rabbit, knit in 100% icelandic wool. Shelly has a spring dress knit in cotton and she carries a merino wool bag filled with colorful felted balls. She is $55. SOLD (interesting update — Shelly became Billy and traded in the Easter eggs for robin eggs.

Sammy is in his gardening clothes and has a carrot and radish in his satchel. He is $45, plus $5.00 shipping SOLD

Simone and Sophie

Calvin SOLD

Calvin is a feisty rabbit knit in merino and mohair. He stands 11″ tall and has plastic safety eyes instead of embroidered ones. He is a little mischievous, but is so lovable. He is $58. SOLD Sorry, Calvin has a new home

Freddie the Fox


These animals are knit in 100% merino wool. Their faces are embroidered, but they have plastic safety eyes anchored inside the stuffing. All except for the little Red Panda and Fox have tiny tummies and long legs (as seen in Allie the Squirrel). They are based on patterns by Shino.craft. Note, although very different from the animals listed above, most of the additional clothing at the end of this page will also fit the Shino animals.


BEN the Bear

ALLIE the Squirrel

Allie is 9.5″ tall, and is a happy squirrel, with rosy cheeks. She is knit in 100% merino wool. $48.

Shiba the Dog

Two Kitties


Bailyis a little red panda. He is only 7″ tall. Rocky the fox is also 7″ and both are made with 100% wool. These cuties are $40 each plus shipping.


The smaller elephants are 8.5″ tall and knit in smooth merino wool. Their clothing is knit in cotton. They are based on the little cotton rabbits elephant pattern.

The larger elephant is knit entirely in wool and merino wool. This treasure is based on the elephant pattern by Susan Hickson.

Eliza, Teddy and Ellis

Eliza shows the style :), Teddy‘s clothes are wool (SOLD), and Ellis rocks the denim. All have a donut in their pockets. Each elephant is $55



Amelia is 12″long, and seated is about 7″ high. She is knit with merino wool and her clothes are made with 100% shetland wool. She is stuffed lightly and has some pellet beads in her tummy to help her sit easily on a shelf without support. She is soft and cuddly. $60 SOLD

Evan the Elephant SOLD


PHIL the Bear SOLD

Phil the bear is a super soft and cuddly friend. He is knit in 100% merino wool and has a cabled hat with cutouts for ears and a cabled scarf. He is 15″ tall and 9.5″ seated. He is $60, plus shipping.

Thank You Teddy. SOLD

Thank you Teddy is knit in soft 100% acrylic yarn. He stands 10.5″ tall and has knit on scrubs, a removable scrub hat, mask and stethoscope. Based on a pattern by Susan Gasson, this teddy is $50 plus shipping. SOLD

Little boy bear. SOLD

Wee Bear. SOLD

Wee bear is just 5″ tall. He is made from 100% baby alpaca yarn and is super soft. Based on pattern by suzymarieknits. This little one is $35, plus shipping. (If requested, he could have a different color ribbon)

Extra outfits

All the current outfits, except for the top right salmon sundress and cardigan, are for 9″ animals (bunnies, small fox, bear and small elephants.  They would also fit the Shino animals.  The salmon sundress at the top right fits a 7″ bunny.  Outfits are added all the time.  The average price is $12 that includes a dress or outfit with a sweater.  The robin dress is $15 and the salmon outfit for the little 7″ bunny is $10

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 1.36.52 PM

11 thoughts on “Animals

  1. Hello, I just bought “Theo”, your siamese cat, from the Fruitlands Museum craft fair. Is there any chance you have another like him I could buy from you? I don’t see another on pictured on your site.Thanks.


    1. Hi Diane – gee I don’t have another window cat like Theo at the moment. I will be making more window cats, but I’m not at home and don’t know my schedule yet. I’ll get back to you!


  2. I absolutely LOVE your animals! Beautiful craftsmanship, lovely, colorful outfits, and such sweet, thoughtful names. And the photography is on point!


  3. Elizabeth., you are a genius. These are so adorable. I had only seen one or two before at Pat’s and Joyce’s. So many and each one cuter than the one before. Love them all. Sue


  4. WE are so excited!
    Calvin and Evan are coming into the family to be held and loved!!
    These animals have such gentle characteristics that are easy to fall in love with. ( We already have 2!)
    Their little hanging legs and the back of the heads are meant to be cradled.
    Thank you for your care and kindness in creating these gentle creatures. We love to love and share them.
    They make us smile and happy.
    -Melanie & Cliff


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