Animals, DOLLS, and OTHER Fun Things

All the animals featured here are lovingly hand knit using high quality wool, wool blends and cotton yarns. They have hand embroidered faces (some have sewn eyes and some have attached safety eyes with a backing inside the head), and they are stuffed with polyfiberfil. Because of their handmade nature, they are not suitable for young children. All of the animals are one of a kind and each develops its personality as I knit it.

Did you know that these animals are not just for kids?! While they encourage a child’s imagination, they can also be friends to a teen (who can take them to bed or carry them around in a backpack), or cheer up an adult, sitting on a book shelf or placed somewhere special around the house. They are perfect little gifts for someone of any age.

If you see an animal you like, please email me with the animal’s name or description, along with your name and address and I’ll get back to you about cost with shipping.

Bunnies, Elephants, Foxes, Lambs, Badgers, Deer, Bears, Pigs, Mice, Lions: The regular sized animals are approximately 9″ tall from feet to the top of the ears (small rabbits are 7″ tall) and can stand with support, unless it’s noted that they prefer sitting. These animals are based on patterns by Little Cotton Rabbits.


9″ wool bunny wearing an organic cotton dress (and shoes) with toadstool stitching. She has a silk/mohair scarf. $65

Bunny in a party dress

9″ bunny knit in Icelandic wool and dressed in a silk/merino/cashmere lace dress and merino caplet. She has removable shoes and bow. $60


9” boy and girl koala’s. Boy has sweater and short trousers knit in 100% organic cotton. The girl has sewn on shoes and panties and 100% cotton ribbon dress. Both are made with alpaca/merino blend. $60 each. 


Soft little pink pig knit in merino wool. Her clothing is from organic cotton. She is about 9″ tall. $60


9″ pig knit in merino wool with cotton acrylic blend clothing with removable shoes. Includes two outfits (dress with white keyhole scarf and tee/shorts) $65


Cute little 9″ elephant in a silky/merino tunic and merino shorts. She is knit in 100% merino wool, that is very soft with a little sheen. $60


This 9″ white mouse is knit in 100% wool. He is wearing a warm hoodie and festive trousers, knit in wool. $60


Just under 7″ tall, this little mouse is wearing a festive dress knit in merino wool and a mohair scarf. She is knit in 100% wool and has glass safety eyes (attached with locked backing inside the head), and thread knotted for eyelashes. $45


9” lamb knit in 100% wool. The dress is a squishy felted tweed in a natural and blues; the sweater is knit in a merino wool and the scarf is felted wool. Removable shoes. $60


Super soft and sweet, this big eared bunny is wearing a flowered dress with a book bag. She has safety eyes, which are attached with a backing inside the head. $62.


Super soft, but serious bunny made with wool and mohair/silk blend, wearing a fair isle sweater. 9″ tall.  $60

Bunny in fall dress 

9″ wool bunny wearing a dress and cardigan. This bunny has sewn on safety eyes, so is not suitable for small children.  $60


9″ bunny in fawn colored merino wool. She is ready for school, in clothes knit with 100% wool. $58


Kyla is knit in 100% wool, with wool shoes and socks sewn on. She is 10” tall, from her ear tips to her shoes. She comes with either outfit. $60


16″ cotton doll with safety eyes (locked inside head) and a big pink bun. She is wearing a white party dress and has a beaded headband, but she also has a summer outfit.

Lil BUNNY (available at Fruitlands Museum Store)

cute little bunny, about 5.5″ tall.  The clothes are knit on and are not removable.  Suitable for a young child.  $30

POCKET DOLLS (Big Bun Doll available at Fruitlands Museum Store)

Little pocket dolls, one in a blue flared dress with a crocheted bun attached to the top of the head, and another in a green lace dress, with curly pigtails.  These are knit from toes to the top of the head in one piece.  Both would be suitable for a young child.  $30 each


Soft little bunny knit in baby alpaca wool.  7″ high, without any clothes or buttons.  Suitable for a young child.  $25

white party dress and has a summer tunic and shoes too.

ALLIE the Squirrel

Allie is 9.5″ tall, and is a happy squirrel, with rosy cheeks. She has safety eyes, tiny body and long legs. She is knit in 100% merino wool. $50


winter sweater ornaments, $12 each; 5 pointed stars ($12 each); hearts ($10 each); birds ($12 each); evergreen tree, $15



Vertical garland with yellow bird, heart and blue bird separated by heart buttons.  $25. (the individual items can be separated and used as ornaments)



Fun hand knit cupcakes (6), each 3.5″ high and 7″ in diameter. Sorting tray (in colors orange, blue or red) included.  

Extra 9-10” animal outfits 

Soft brown cardigan, merino wool ($15); teal tee and pink and white striped shorts, cotton (22); pink tunic and ivory shorts, cotton ($22); cranberry sweater, brown shorts and optional white pom pom hat for bunny ($22); aqua dress with mohair cowl ($22); lavender and ivory lace dress, best for 10”animal, cotton ($22)  



Fall Garlands SOLD

Little fall garlands, made os 100% merino wool – pumpkins, leaves, acorns, pinecones.  Assorted.  Pumpkins (3 pumpkins), $18; Acorn Garland (4 acorns, 1 pumpkin, 2 leaves) $22; Pinecone Garland (2 pinecones, 1 pumpkin, 2 leaves), $25 

Little Autumn pouches

Little autumn pouches are fun for collecting things or sorting toys. They are about 5″ tall unstuffed. The pumpkin pouch is made of 100% washable merino wool; the solid buff colored pouch is wash and dryable cotton/acrylic blend; and the deep rust one is made of 100% wool, which could felt if washed. The pumpkin and cotton pouches are $18; the slightly smaller wool pouch is $15. Any two are $30 and $45 for three.

11 thoughts on “Animals, DOLLS, and OTHER Fun Things

  1. Hello, I just bought “Theo”, your siamese cat, from the Fruitlands Museum craft fair. Is there any chance you have another like him I could buy from you? I don’t see another on pictured on your site.Thanks.


    1. Hi Diane – gee I don’t have another window cat like Theo at the moment. I will be making more window cats, but I’m not at home and don’t know my schedule yet. I’ll get back to you!


  2. I absolutely LOVE your animals! Beautiful craftsmanship, lovely, colorful outfits, and such sweet, thoughtful names. And the photography is on point!


  3. Elizabeth., you are a genius. These are so adorable. I had only seen one or two before at Pat’s and Joyce’s. So many and each one cuter than the one before. Love them all. Sue


  4. WE are so excited!
    Calvin and Evan are coming into the family to be held and loved!!
    These animals have such gentle characteristics that are easy to fall in love with. ( We already have 2!)
    Their little hanging legs and the back of the heads are meant to be cradled.
    Thank you for your care and kindness in creating these gentle creatures. We love to love and share them.
    They make us smile and happy.
    -Melanie & Cliff


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